Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

Most people wish to look nice and attractive, while working out. However, your workout clothes should most importantly, be about fit and comfort and not about fashion. After a strenuous workout regime, you could be feeling pretty exhausted, sore or sweaty. You may even be feeling relaxed and not so tired despite an intense workout session.

Your personal trainer would be telling you that it is important to choose the right kind of workout clothes. This is because the clothes you wear, while exercising would make a real difference in how you would be feeling during or after the workout session.

Obvious Preference for Wicking

Always choose a fabric that pulls away the sweat from your body. Fabrics that are known to provide wicking, are definitely the best for workout clothes. Fabrics such as Spandex, Lycra and polyester keep the body cool and comfortable, while working out.

The breathable synthetic materials containing polypropylene such as SUPPLEX® and COOLMAX® are appropriate for workout clothes as they help in evaporating the sweat from your skin. However, they are not good at soaking up the excess sweat and therefore, leave you feeling uncomfortable and sweaty.

workout clothes

An Alternative Choice is Cotton

Cotton clothes are known for absorbing the sweat. However, they are not good at pulling away the sweat or helping it evaporate from your skin quickly. Cotton clothes could become wet and heavy, while you exercise.

Avoid Fabrics that Do Not Breathe

Do not wear workout clothes made out of plastic based or rubber-based materials, which do not let the sweat evaporate from your skin. They should also, be avoided as they are responsible for keeping very high body temperature.

Choose the Correct Fit

Always wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes, while working out. However, it is best to avoid loose pants, while biking or running and they may get caught up in the pedals get entangled with your feet. For activities like Pilates and yoga, you should wear fitted, but stretchy fabrics. Choose clothes that fit you comfortably and those that do not get in your way while exercising.

Choose as per the Demands of the Season

In case you are playing seasonal sports or working out outdoors. You would have to change your workout outfits as per the season.

Hot weather: Summer months could be really hot, sultry and sweaty. During summer months it is best to opt for breathable fabrics that effectively wick sweat away. Wear cool and comfortable clothes.

Cold Weather: You need to keep yourself warm in winter months so you should try dressing up in layers so that you could remove some, during the course of the exercises. Remember that as you exercise, your heart rate as well as your body temperature would go up. Always wear workout clothes that are suitable for warmer weather than the existing temperature as shown by the thermometer readings. Wear sweat-wicking outfits on the inner layer. Wear insulating layer of clothes on top of those outfits.

Windy or Wet Weather: An outdoor workout program can really be ruined if your clothes get caught in a really strong wind or get soaked in the downpour. You must wear a protective outer layer that shields you from the elements.

Remember it is important to seek professional guidance from a personal trainer, but it is equally important to wear the right workout clothes. When in doubt, always consult with an experienced personal trainer, who would guide you in the right direction.

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