Tips for Removing those Love Handles

Love handles are often referred to as the muffin top. You should start exercising and consider employing the services of a certified personal trainer to get rid of this excess fat found at both sides of your torso. You would be frustrated if you are doing crunches alone to eliminate your love handles. Here is how to get 6 pack abs and get rid of your muffin top: Take the expert guidance from a professional personal trainer.
Crunches are good for toning muscles, but love handles are not composed of even one ounce of muscle. They are nothing, but fat. Healthy diet and strict cardiovascular program should help burn the fat away.
Follow a Cardiovascular Program
You should follow an overall fitness program comprising of 35 to about 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercises at least three or may be four times every week, strength training at least twice or thrice a week and you should take a day off from physical training.
When you rest, you would allow your body to rebuild muscle. Include a number of cardio approaches for effective results. Do not simply concentrate on some spinning classes or the elliptical only. Do not stick to the same cardio routine.

love handles
You need to do exercises that keep challenging diverse muscle groups. Do some high-intensity interval training regime for burning fat effectively. Avoid working out at a particular pace all through the workout.
For instance, when you are on the treadmill do 2 minutes at your normal pace followed by 1 minutes at a much faster pace. Once you have successfully trimmed down the fat, you could concentrate on toning the muscles found just underneath the love muscles.
Some Effective Exercises You Must Do
Bicycle Crunches
This exercise would be working both internal as well as external obliques along with the rectus abdominis and it’s the fastest way to gain muscle. The first step is to bend your knees, and lie down on your back. Without interlacing your fingers, now put your hands behind the head, and lift your head a bit. Twist your body such that the left elbow moves towards your right knee, while the left leg is extended.
Finally, pull your leg in, and repeat the process such that your right elbow now goes towards your left knee. This particular workout can be built up to 3 sets, with 25 reps each.
Lying Leg Twist
Stretch out your arms to the sides, and lie on your back with hands flat on a mat. Lift your legs, then bend the knees such that you keep your calves parallel to the floor, and your thighs at a 90-degree angle against your torso. Now, lower both your legs to one side, such that you can touch the ground with the outer-right thigh, while maintaining the right angle.
Return form to the central, and lower the other side to touch the ground with your outer left. Three sets of 25 repetitions each are ideal.
Side Planks
This is a great exercise to strengthen your core in the back and the front. Lean on your elbow, and lie on your right side. Now, keep your feet stacked and extend your legs out till they’re straight. Ensure that your right foot touches the floor. Now, try to hold your body up, maintaining a straight line, using your core. If it feels a little tough, put your right knee to the floor. Hold the position for 20 seconds or longer. Slowly lower yourself to the floor, switch sides and repeat.
If you want to test yourself further, lift your top leg, and hold it such that it doesn’t touch the bottom leg. Start off with four to five repetitions, and increase with time.
A professional personal trainer would be the best person to guide you every step of the way. You would soon get rid of those love handles, you were never proud of.

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